Our Team

Lori Jones

CEO & Founder

Lori is a Chef, Supermom, Innovator, Founder. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in 2006 and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship.

She also has experience working with startup companies across different industries focusing on process improvement, process documentation, UAT test and her overall favorite Customer Service.

Shonna Nixon

Business Development Manager

Shonna is originally from Connecticut and brings a background in administrative support, business development, office management, and working with StartUps, and exceptional customer service. She is energetic and creative in many areas. Her areas of interest and hobbies include creative writing, home and event decor, drawing, hair/cosmetology, and interior design.

Jimmy Valarezo

Finance & Sales Manager

Jimmy is originally from NY and raised in Rhode Island, then ventured to North Carolina for a new beginning. He is a dope dad who enjoys playing sports, architectural designs, and drawings. Jimmy brings a background in sales, finance, and management. He is sharp in the areas of business strategy, increasing sales, and finding areas of improvement.