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Who We Are

We are a black woman owned online coffee business that launched in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We specialize in online retail coffee, apparel, wholesale coffee, and events

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Cultivate a Love of Black Coffee through community engagement, coffee education, and the development of relationships

Community Engagement

What is Community Engagement?

According to Wikipedia community engagement is "a dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, interaction, involvement, and exchange between an organization and a community for a range of social and organizational outcomes."

Our warehouse is located in a historically black (HUB certified) area of Southeast Raleigh and are involved with many organizations in our community in attempts to make a change in the revitalization project.

Our goal is to bring exceptional coffee to our community to our area and others across the country while creating jobs and supporting our community partners.

Coffee Education

In order to "Cultivate A Love of Black Coffee" and ensure our customers have the best possible experience at home, we are providing coffee education through different platforms.

You can follow us on our social media platforms and check out our blog to learn more!

Relationship Development

Since our launch, we have learned that our business is relationships. Everything from the people and businesses that we have met, to our connecting people to other businesses that meet their needs.

Check out some of the relationships we have developed with our community partners.